Reptile One Tube UVB


Features and Benefits * Safe UV spectrum * Fits all standard T8 reflectors. * UVB aids in the synthesis of Vitamin D3which helps to process calcium. * 18in/45cm UVB 5.0 15w

Suitable for Reptiles
Reproduces UVA adn UVB spectra found in sunlight. Assists in natural production of Vitamin D3.Promotes feeding, breeding and healthy growth rates. Designed for use 300-350mm from basking point. Suitable for all tropical & sub-tropical reptiles

Reptile One UVB tubes provide essential UVA and UVB light which assist in the production of vitamin D3 in reptiles and amphibians. It has safe Uv spectrum and fits all standard T8 reflectors. The UBV aids in the synthesis of Vitamin D3 helps to process calcium.