Mustard Gas Halfmoon Fighter
Mustard Gas Halfmoon Fighter

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Scientific Name Betta Splendens
Care/Experience Level Beginner
Temperament Peaceful (Hostile to Other Male Betta's)
Minimum Tank Size 1 gallon
Mature/Full Grown Size 3"
Diet Carnivore - Flake, Pellet
Origin Asia, Farm Raised
Water Conditions 75o-85o F, KH 0-25, pH 6.0 - 8.0
Other Common Names Siamese Fighting Fish


The Halfmoon Mustard Gas Betta is well known for its brilliant coloration and spectacular fin display. The Halfmoon Betta exhibits a single tail that is rounded in the shape of a "D" with sharp edges on the tail 180 degrees apart. Sometimes confused with Roundtail betta's, the Halfmoon's distinguishing sharp edges on the fins set them apart. The Mustard Gas features some of the most brilliant and contrasting colors of any betta splenden.

Betta's breath from their labyrinth organ with enables the fish to breath from the surface. Bettas also breath through their gills like other fish