Avi One Sand Sheet Bird Cake Accessory 6 Pack
Avi One Sand Sheet Bird Cake Accessory 6 Pack

Type: Bird
Vendor: Avi One


• Avi One Sand Sheet 6 Pack. Trim down your pet's claws and beak naturally!

  • Designed to be placed at the bottom of the birdcage, it will assist in naturally trimming down claws and beak while they walk and peck on the sand

  • Can fit any bird cage, simply cut to size! Made from 100% recycled paper in Australia

  • Suitable for small to medium birds such as lorikeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, conures and budgerigars

  • Replace sand sheets on a regular basis to ensure your cage is kept clean

Brand: Avi One
For: Bird Health
Pack Contents: 6 x Avi Bird Sand Sheet

  • Suitable for Pet Birds
  • Trims Beaks & Nails
  • Suitable for All Cage Sizes
  • Simply Cut to Size
  • 100% Recycled Paper
  • Easy to Use
  • Australian Made