Aqua One Eco Scape Ogris Auribus Green
Aqua One Eco Scape Ogris Auribus Green

Type: Fish
Vendor: Aqua One


Aqua One’s Artificial Plants will add vibrancy and a fresh look to any aquarium. Each plant features a weighted base to make aquascaping easy.

You are sure to find plant or two to suit your aquarium from the large range available from Aqua One!

Specifications: 30cm tall. Available in 2 colours.

Ecoscape Large Ogris Aureibus Purple.
Ecoscape Large Ogris Aureibus Green.
Features & Benefits:

Rearrange your artificial plants within the aquarium at any time.
Does not require special lighting, supplements or pruning.
Safe to use with destructive fish such as Cichlids.
When adding additional artificial plants to the aquarium there is no risk of introducing foreign pests or parasites.
Artificial Plants do not decay and will hold their shape longer than live plants.
Provides aquatic life a place to hide
Non-toxic and aquarium safe.
The weighted base makes aquascaping easy.
Easily removed and cleaned.
A great variety of sizes, colours and shapes available to suit any aquarium.
Suitable For: Betta Tanks, Coldwater, Tropical & Marine.