Aqua One AR620 Aquarium Gloss Black
Aqua One AR620 Aquarium Gloss Black

Type: Fish
Vendor: Aqua One


90 ltr, Includes build-in trickle filter and reflector lighting

The AquaOne AR aquarium systems are the epitome of design style. The curved glass to the front corners an extremely popular feature with owners around the world.

However, the main attraction of the Aquastyle has beome the wet and dry filter system built into the hood. This system is biologically far more capable than internal filters normally found on small to medium sized aquaria due to the obvious higher oxygen intake of an open system compared to one submersed in the aquarium.

Maintenance of the filters is childs play. No immersing your hand in the aquarium to remove difficult internal filters. You open the lid and with the pump switched off, there is not even water, just media cartridges to remove and clean. This style of filtration has also proven to be extremely sufficient on salt water systems. When combined with the power compact lighting tanks a miniature marine set up is possible at extrememly affordable prices.

Two-way single switch LED lighting technology; Moonlight function with ‘Blue Only’ option or ‘All Lights’ (RGB) option. LED lighting promotes lush plant growth, as well as intensifies the natural colours in your fish.

Aquarium Model:
AquaStyle 620