Aqua One Quick Drop Test Kit - Nitrate No2
Aqua One Quick Drop Test Kit - Nitrate No2

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High Nitrate levels cause algae blooms and stress on new fish or corals. Keeping Nitrate under control is very important. With the aid of this kit you will help ensure your aquatic pets live long, happy, healthy lives.

Suitable for fresh and salt water.

Nitrate (NO3) is the third step in the Nirtogen cycle where toxic Ammonia (NH3) is broken down by nitrifying bacteria and converted into Nitrite (NO2) then further into Nitrate (NO3). Nitrate can be broken down biologically, however it can be deadly if not monitored or done correctly. Some aquarium inhabitants are affected more than others, particularly sensitive corals. High or long-term nitrate exposure can account for algae blooms, breeding problems, shortened life span and even deformities.

The results of this test kit gives a good indication of overall water quality. Test for Nitrate before adding any new live stock, as the existing aquatic animals may have adapted to high levels of Nitrate, where a new addition may not.

Be sure to follow pamphlet - shake well (normally 30 sec) for each process.
So, 30 sec after reagent A (shaken well), place reagent B in and shake well for 30 seconds, then 5 drops of reagent C and shake well for 30 seconds.
Make sure ALL powder is dissolved before proceeding to next step each time