Aqua One PH Down 250gm
Aqua One PH Down 250gm

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Aqua One pH Down powder allows you to decrease pH to optimal levels. pH is the measure of alkalinity and Acidity within a liquid. pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14 with 0 - 6.9 is Acid, 7.1 - 14 is Alkaline.

It is critical to test and adjust the pH in your aquarium:

For a newly set up aquarium
whenever a water change has been performed
As part of your weekly maintenance

Reduces alkalinity and increases acidity
Powder is instantly soluble in aquarium water
Suitable for tropical and coldwater

Use a pH test kit to test pH levels of your aquarium. Where the pH reading is too low, use Aqua One pH Up to raise pH
Use the 2g per 40L of aquarium water to lower pH by 0.4 per 24 hour period
Use the 2g spoon provided, measure the desired amount of pH up into a clean container
Place some aquarium water from your aquarium into the container and stir to mix the solution
Once Dissolved, add the mixture to your aquarium slowly over a 15 minute period
Pour the mixture near the outlet of your filtration system
Re-test the pH after 12-24 hours and make adjustments as necessary