Aqua One ChemiZee Zeolite Ammonia Remover 500gm
Aqua One ChemiZee Zeolite Ammonia Remover 500gm

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Type: Fish
Vendor: Aqua One


Aqua One ChemiZee Zeolite Ammonia Remover is a naturally occurring mineral which will eliminate or reduce ammonia.

Key Benefits:

Suitable for any trickle or canister filter
Will not block up or reduce filter flow
Excellent adsorption capacity
Free net bag in every pack
Made specifically for: Fresh water aquariums

How does Aqua One ChemiZee work?
Zeolite is a natural mineral formed when volcanic ash settles on water beds such as oceans or lakes, where a chemical reaction with saltwater forms a glass stone like substance. Zeolite is highly porous, allowing water to pass through the stone where a chemical exchange takes place. Highly charged Ions from the Zeolite exchange with Ammonia (NH4) in the water, resulting in the removal of this Ammonia from the water.

Set Up instructions
Aqua One ChemiZee should be rinsed in aquarium water before you place it in your aquarium. Simply remove a small amount of water from your aquarium, rinse the zeolite and place it in your filter.