Aqua One Canister Filter CF1200
Aqua One Canister Filter CF1200


Aqua One Aquis CF1200 Canister Filter
Aqua One Aquis CF1200 Canister Filter. External pressurised filters offer a far superior level of both mechanical and biological filtration. The quality of Aqua One CF Filters is evident for all to see, but what really makes them stand above other filters is the silent operation and deep thorough filtering power.

Biological – Aqua One Bionood
Chemical – Aqua One ChemiCarb
Mechanical – Blue Sponge White Sponge Black Sponge

A distinctively superior filtration system
Superior motor design provides silent and energy efficient operation
Ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums
Modular media trays design allows a variety of medias to be used
Quick release heavy duty clips and carry handle for safe and simple maintenance
For Aquairums up to 250 Litres (depending on stocking levels)

* Water turnover: 1100Lph
* Filter capacity: 12 litres in 3 baskets
* Media included: ceramic noodles, coarse bio-sponge, fine poly pad
* Max distance below water level: 2m
* Power consumption: 35W
* Filter dimensions: 22.5cmx22.5cmx40cm
* Impellor Shaft: ceramic