Blue Planet Algae Cure 125ml
Blue Planet Algae Cure 125ml

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Blue Planet Algae Cure Treatment 125ml
Unwanted algae are a problem in the majority of freshwater aquariums. Algae
appear in many forms: tufts of short beard algae, long strands of hair algae or
mats of fine blanket algae. Not only is algae unsightly - covering aquarium glass,
gravel and ornaments - it also clogs filter intakes and causes problems with water
chemistry. Algae growth is promoted by phosphates from food, fish wastes and
strong light.
The active constituent in Blue Planet Algae Cure ?simazine?, is safe to use in fresh
water aquariums and will not adversely affect plants and fish when used as
directed. Simazine acts by stopping development of algae spores, which will then
limit the algae growth throughout the aquarium. You will need to mechanically
remove large areas for growth.
To manage aquarium water better to avoid algae issues, Blue Planet recommends
limiting light to 8hours per day; also consider external sunlight hitting the
aquarium. Partial water changes of 20%, or 10L changed for every 50L of
aquarium water, every 2 weeks, will help ensure your aquarium water remains
healthy and algae free.