JBL Holiday Tropical Fish Food 43gm
JBL Holiday Tropical Fish Food 43gm

Type: Fish
Vendor: JBL


Holiday Aquarium Fish Food was developed to provide adequate nourishment for your aquarium fish during your holidays away from home. It contains all the necessary nutrients to keep your ornamental fish healthy and lively: cereals, fish and fish by-products, vegetable by-products, yeast, algae, and animal by-products. Stable food - EC colorants added.

Use: The Holiday cube automatically supplies the food for 20 to 25 medium-sized fish for about two weeks. Place one or more cubes into the aquarium, depending on the number of fish. The cubes gradually dissolve through the food intake of the fish, without clouding the aquarium water.

Note: Depending on water hardness, the cubes may dissolve quicker or slower. The specified dissolving time applies to water with medium hardness degrees.