JBL Pond Sticks 4 in 1. 5kg Bag
JBL Pond Sticks 4 in 1. 5kg Bag

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Complete nutrition for temperatures above 10 °C: main food for all pond fish of min. 8 cm in size
High-quality proteins for vitality and healthy growth, valuable plant fibre for a healthy digestive system, no water clouding

Fish choose JBL food: high-quality ingredients, feed formulation created by practical research, no processing of cheap fishmeal
Contents: main food for all pond fish, food sticks, PondSticks Classic, unopened can be stored for 3 years, after opening to be used up within 3 months
The right food for every season
The food requirements of pond fish depend on body size and water temperature. The colder the temperature, the slower the metabolism and the lower the energy requirements. Conversely the fish’s energy requirements increase in summer. JBL has the right food for each season and each fish size. The high-quality ingredients are a direct result of the practical research of the JBL research team.