JBL Novo Pleco Chips. 133gm
JBL Novo Pleco Chips. 133gm

Type: Fish
Vendor: JBL


The consistency and the ingredients of JBL Novo Pleco Chips are specially balanced to meet the nutritional needs of plant-nibbling suckermouth catfish (plecostomus, ancistrus etc.) and other plant-eating, ground-feeding fish.

Wheatgerm, spirulina algae, a high proportion of green nutrients as well as 10% of vital wood fibre are combined in a special production process to produce a food specifically designed for this species.

The chips sink rapidly to the floor of the aquarium, the level at which these fish feed.

The stability of JBL Novo Pleco Chips in water ensures that the slow-feeding fish have sufficient time to feed without unnecessary pollution of the water.

Stabilised vitamin C and other vital vitamins strengthen resistance to disease.