JBL NovoTab 60g/100ml
JBL NovoTab 60g/100ml

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Type: Fish
Vendor: JBL


Trusted by scientists, fish breeders and fish owners world wide. JBL objects to processing whole fish from stocks that are under threat. For this reason, not one single fish has to be caught specifically to produce JBL fish food, they use only the parts of the fish that are left over from the production of fish fillets. JBL uses high quality fish protein in their foods.

Key Benefits:

Food tablets stick to aquarium glass for ease of feeding
Free from water-polluting bonding agents
Contains 10% high-quality freeze-dried animal protein
Perfect protein to fat ratio for healthy fish
Composition similar to JBL NovoBel, making it suitable as a main food.
Dermatologically proven to reduce the risk of allergies to our customers.