Sera Pond Flake Food 150g
Sera Pond Flake Food 150g

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Type: Fish
Vendor: Sera


The flake food for smaller pond fish

sera Pond Flakes is the staple food consisting of carefully processed flakes for all smaller pond fish such as goldfish and bitterlings as well as for juvenile fish.

The harmonic composition with plenty of vitamins, minerals and a balanced carbohydrate vs. protein ratio fulfills the requirements.

The easily digestible food supports healthy growth, activity and disease resistance of the fish, and is suitable for feeding throughout the year. Since the flakes keep their shape and float for a long time, they are eaten entirely and do not pollute the water.

Feeding recommendation

Feed sparingly once or twice a day throughout the year, only as much as the fish take up within short time. Juvenile animals may be fed more frequently. (Possibly crush the flakes slightly.

Container size 1000mls/180g.