Sera Reptile Professional Carnivore Food 80gm
Sera Reptile Professional Carnivore Food 80gm

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The unique for carnivores

sera reptil Professional Carnivor is the supplementary food, consisting of a floating two-colored granules manufactured in the highly functional co-extrusion process, for all carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins.

The food ring contains a balanced blend of aquatic organisms such as fish, Gammarus and Krill, and provides high quality proteins and omega fatty acids. The red food core is extruded at a lower temperature and thus particularly gently. It is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and algae for strengthening disease resistance. The optimal calcium vs. phosphorus ratio is the basis for healthy bone and shell growth.

For excellent acceptance and fulfilling nutrient requirements appropriately

Manufactured in a gentle low temperature process - for retaining delicate, valuable vital substances optimally

Complete feed for all terrapins

Feeding guide
Feed sparingly. Blend with fresh food according to the requirements of the animals.