Sera Tropical Treat Tablets. Makes Feeding Fun
Sera Tropical Treat Tablets. Makes Feeding Fun

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Sera O Nip Tropical Treats

Suitable for: all ornamental fish

Sera fish food and aquarium supplies are high quality, reliable products and are all backed by extensive research. Seras main philosophy is to keep things simple for fish owners, allowing them to concentrate on the enjoyable side of owning an aquarium.

Sera O-Nip treats are designed to be pressed to the glass, so you can watch your fish swim up and eat. With a little bit of finger pressure, these tablets when wet will stick to the glass anywhere you like. With krill, bloodworms, and tubifex, these tablets are particularly tasty, making them an excellent treat for any fish!

Tasty treat tabletsWhen wet, will stick to the glassAllows you to attract fish to any desired location and watch them enjoy their treat
Feeding Directions: Feed as desired, once per day or whenever youd like to treat your fish