Tetra Pro Cichlid Colour Small Pellets 55gm.
Tetra Pro Cichlid Colour Small Pellets 55gm.

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Tetra Colour Cichlid Pellets Small ( 3mm ) 55gm
* Combination staple and color-enhancing cichlid pellet food
* Nutritionally balance to maximize healthy cichlid growth
* Proprietary technology unites two aquarium fish foods in one pellet
TetraIndustry-first in color-enhancing nutrition keeps cichlid diet balanced. TetraColor Cichlid Pellets are the result of a proprietary, dual extrusion process that unites premium staple food with concentrated color-enhancing food. Breakthrough combination pellets ensure your aquarium cichlids receive both staple nutrition and concentrated color enhancers in each bite. No more overfeeding or underfeeding either of the two cichlid foods!

Super convenient 2-in-1 pellets is the budget-friendly choice that eliminates the need to purchase separately a staple cichlid diet and a color-enhancing diet. TetraColor Cichlid Pellets are formulated with "Optimal Health Blend" that includes precise amounts of select vitamins and nutrients to support fish immune system. Highly attractive floating pellets provide unparalleled dietary diversity for quality nutrition your cichlids will want to eat. Does not cloud aquarium water.