Hikari Micro Pellets 22gm
Hikari Micro Pellets 22gm

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Hikari Micro Pellets 22G

* Nutritious micro-encapsulated pellet food for tropical aquarium fish
* Excellent food choice for small tropical fish like tetras and barbs
* Semi-floating pellets ideal for fish that feed at the surface or mid-water

Quality pellet food specially developed for small-mouth tropical fishes. Highly digestible, multi-colored Micro Pellets are formulated to provide small tropical fish such as tetras and barbs superior nutrition. Each colored pellet offers unique benefits: Red pellets provide necessary protein and amino acids, Yellow pellets provide necessary vitamins and minerals, and Green pellets provide vegetable fiber. These semi-floating pellets are ideal for surface and mid-water feeders. High in stabilized Vitamin C to reduce stress and build immunity to disease. Will not cloud the water.

Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat flour, flaked corn, gluten meal, brewer’s dried yeast, krill meal, spirulina, sucrose esters of fatty acids, dehydrated alfalfa meal, dried seaweed meal, enzyme, garlic, astaxanthin, monosodium glutamate, DL-methionine, and vitamins and minerals including stabilized Vitamin C.