Marina Internal Filter i160 for Aquariums 160 L

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The Marina i160 is a compact yet powerful internal filter for use with any goldfish or tropical tank up to 160 litres (40 US gallons).Complete 3-stage filtration (mechanical, chemical, biological) is provided thanks to its uniquely designed Power Cartridge (included).The outside of the power cartridge features polyester foam to trap fine particles; while the inside chambers contain carbon to remove pollutants and odors; and zeolite to eliminate toxic ammonia for a cleaner, healthier aquarium environment and crystal clear water.The Bio-Screen, with its large surface area, is designed to promote the growth of friendly bacteria.Note: Unplug the filter and lift it out of the tank, slide the filter cartridge (part 1) out of the filter casing (part 5), now slide out the filter cartridge holder (part 2) the motor (part 3) is attached to the bottom of this, detach the motor and remove the impeller cover (part 9) and pull out the impeller (part 8) give the impeller magnet and the well the magnet sits in a good rinse and put it all back together again.